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I discovered too late that I left out the most important part of my speech. Get enough sleep. Is it difficult work? That was strange.

At last, he realized his error. I'm not the only one who thinks Micky is overweight. Are you crazy, or what? He's a speed freak. I don't like to drink coffee. You take your job too seriously. The applause grew to a roar when Pinocchio, the famous donkey, appeared in the circus ring.

They need washing. How would you define "happiness"? I don't usually wait for anybody.

Donal is an attractive woman. The problem is we don't know where Isabelle is. There was standing room only in the Regional Express to Nuremberg. She went off south or somewhere in that direction. The music stopped abruptly. I could never do that kind of thing. I'm Boyd's guardian.

He is known to everyone as a great scholar. Has Suzan said anything more? Oh! I'm not deluding myself!

Myrick crossed the busy street. One person is still missing. You didn't understand. I heard you coughing. I have got a cat and a dog. The cat is black and the dog is white. What am I going to say to him? I'm taking a walk with my dog. A bunch of people told me not to eat there. Elisabeth's father was Jewish.

It doesn't pay to play video games. I hope you're all sufficiently rested. He got angry with me at last. Keep to the left, please. Do you really like it here? I have bruises all over my body. Kelly doesn't exactly have an airtight alibi. He whispered slyly to me. Some Americans joined the Communist Party. Last night I saw the match.

You are right, after all. May I use your pencil? Nicolo had to abide by the court's ruling relating to his access to his children. "He has so much money that he doesn't know how to spend it." "I wish I was in such a situation... I would know how to spend it."

The newspaper is by your side. Don't say anything. What we want to do next is check the oil level. The switch is on. The main secret of thoughts is where do they come from? It is impossible to catch a thought until it comes to your mind. That's why I take my own thoughts as a gift that I'm happy to use. His family has to live on his small income.

Praise stimulates students to work hard. Seen any movies lately? Keith has my umbrella. Your instincts are wrong. He went over to the other side. I heard Sabrina is back with his ex.

I ate a burger, then went to bed. And then she let slip a not-so-subtle innuendo about my drinking habits. He was compelled to resort to violence. Don't be so harsh on me please. Let's clean the house. He abhorred lying. That sucks, guys!

Randall asked Sharan for forgiveness. Stan is ugly. You can't win all the time. Do you think you really scare me? My grandfather used to make his own furniture.

Whoever gets home first starts cooking the supper. The school is keeping me occupied. We have to go to school. Did you really tell her that? Emil looks a bit like John. I'll be right back. Dan didn't even feel embarrassed. You must read this book also. How did you get to know Jochen? That sounds beautiful.

I haven't felt well for two days. They deceived us. I have just cleaned my room. We're shaken. Recently, I've been having trouble sleeping. Dan sent Linda a violin. It sounds like you'll be busy. Since Stuart gained weight over the winter, I think it's likely her swimsuit won't fit her anymore.

Your hat matches your dress marvellously. Students have been protesting against the government's decision. You are going to lose a lot of readers if your writing is too prolix. Let's not spoil it. How's your summer vacation going?